Saturday, April 19, 2014


I finally found the time to properly sit down and blog. It's raining out there right now and the breeze is just lovely. It has been almost a month of water rationing in my area. Despite that it has been raining almost every day, water ration will still go on because apparently, we have not passed the critical level yet. Wait, what...why am I talking about water ration?

Owhkay. On the other hand, I have been mildly obsessed with this TV show that my friend N introduced me to. It is called My Mad Fat Diary and how I wished it was available when I was in high school. The show is so real, so poignant and I laughed and cried throughout the show. It centred around the lead character Rachel Earl who deals with body issues and how she just got out of the mental house and how she coped with the world outside. I can never relate to the fat part but I can always, always relate to her insecurity issues.

Two days more and I will be gone for 10 days. I will be doing solo travel for the very first time of my life and frankly, I was shit scared at first after I bought my tickets and then I got nervous and excited but these few days it was just...calm. I don't know what to expect but I guess we'll see. I have my itineraries sorted out as well as the basics like accommodations and transportations. So yeah.

Well, I got to go. Have to finish up that book 1Q84 that I have been reading since forever...till then!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

weekend escapade

It's not an everyday thing to have the opportunity to gather 7 people together to go on a trip. It's even more unusual when all of them are not even close in the first place. They are my colleagues turned friends who happened to know each other but rarely (almost never) hang out with one another. I would like to think that I was the one mutual friend that brought all of them together but then again, I can totally feel them rolling their eyes if they were to see this.

2 months back, I told all of them I would like to return to Awanmulan and asked if they would like to go. 2 weeks ago, we loaded our car full of food and off we went to Jelebu. All of them came down to Klang first for brunch (not to mention they were already running very late) and I took them to yau yau ping. Their first time and glad that they like it. Awanmulan is about an hour and half and it was raining on and off on our way there. GPS/Waze/Google Maps do not work all the way there but the instructions given were very clear.

We reached at 4pm (check-in time is 2.30pm). We took the largest unit in Awanmulan which is known as Teratak Bonda. The rain had just stopped and there were mist around the mountain in front of our unit. I think everyone was just very mesmerized by the mist, the beauty and the nature of the place because for a moment, there was a short silence at the open area. It was either they were busy taking pictures or simply speechless. Heh! This was my second time there. I stayed at Kesidang previously but personally, I prefer Teratak Bonda for the awesome kitchen island! Awanmulan is owned by the Teng family. All communications a through email and if you ever book with them, you must meet Auntie Teng! She's just very, very nice and friendly.

We chilled around, ate instant noodles and then jumped into the pool near uncle and auntie's house. Previously when I was there, the pool was still under construction. This time round, the pool is ready. I love this pool simply because it is facing where the sun set. You get amazing view as you chill in the pool!

Our dinner was grand. I wasn't kidding when I said that. Wait till you see the pictures. First, we overestimated the food quantity. Groceries shopping were done with Color and Jane. Okay, fine. I tagged along too. I think we were too hungry to make logical estimation.
Lesson of the day: Never buy your groceries when you are extremely hungry.
We had spaghetti, mushroom soup, salad and on top of all that, barbecue. The barbecue went on all night until we just couldn't take anymore food. But the whole cooking/preparing stage is fun. I personally love it. Imagine this, you have your friends come together to prepare food (thank gawd all of them love food as much as I do) and then later eat it. It was even better with compliments of how good the food are. We ate, talked and laughed that night. It is nice to know these people outside the working space.

That night, we slept at the open area on our sleeping bags underneath the full moon and blanket of stars (it was cloudy but I'm sure the stars are behind). We had to only wake up and continue to sleep in the room because it rained at 6.30am. Breakfast was prepared by Awanmulan. We had nasi lemak and the awesome rendang. The sambal was really good.

I left with a heavy heart. I personally love the place a lot. What makes it even better this time round is that I have the opportunity to bring people that I love along to this trip. How often can you gather a large group of people in a trip like this? Not often but I hope this won't be the last. We ended our trip to a crab feast at Seremban.

This entry is long but guess what? It's going to get longer with these awesome pictures. Hehe!

Till the next one! xoGypsyxo

Pictures credit to Color, Micky and Jane

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Rant

"So what did you do yesterday?"
"I stayed home all day. Mostly read."
"What? Impossible. You hardly lack of plans."

Yes, I never lacked of plans. Basically, I am almost booked daily even after work and all the way to weekend. If not, the blog wouldn't live up to its name, isn't it?
Well, slowly and gradually, I decided to balance out my daily activities. I must admit, I actually enjoy staying in and just do the things I love to do by myself. Occasionally I still went out with friends. It's just that I slowly come to learn that it is important to also take time for myself. 

Spent Friday night with a dear friend at Delicious BVII and then adjourned to coffee at Tous Les Jour. 

My beef cheeseburger is just too awesome. The shredded beef patty is something new and I just love it.

Sunday morning and noon (today) was spent with Zen. We decided to explore Brew & Bread at Kota Kemuning but was a bit of a let down for me. It wasn't as good as I expected but then again, I don't want to judge too soon. I will be back to try the egg benedict next time. They didn't serve them today because there wasn't any water supply. Wonder how they did their coffee tho.

We both had their sandwiches (RM8 each) and I had their flat white (RM7) and Zen had their OJ (RM7).

Zen mentioned mee hoon kuey and off we went to Fatty Mee Hoon Kuey at Berkeley. This is one of the famous pan mee shop at Klang.

Also spent the weekend FaceTime-ing with two people that I love dearly but sadly, not in Malaysia at the moment.

I will see both of them on July. Oh well. All thanks to technology and Whatsapp. At least I get to text them whenever I want to. Miss the both of them so much!

Well, here's to hoping an awesome week ahead!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I can never confront this feeling of mine. And I can never let you know. Not because you are not worth it but simply because I am afraid of rejection. I have dealt with so many rejections but It is YOUR rejection I cannot deal with.
So I rather run and hide.
Enjoy your company while I can.
Take pleasure in our daily text and conversations.
I have hopes that maybe one day you will see me in a different light. And that one day we will do what people in love would do. Until then, this will be kept in the dark. 
This is a one way street. This is just me falling for you. 

- Taken from somewhere simply because this seems to echo my thoughts

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Analogue: Walking Down The Street of Macau

For some strange reasons, I love Macau. I love the old quaint building, the churches, the streets. Not to say I do not like Hong Kong but Macau is entirely different from Hong Kong. I love the Portugese touch and influence on some of the design in Macau.

We were in Macau for two days and boy, we did a lot of walking. We went to the ruins of St. Paul, Guia Fort & Lighthouse, Mazu Temple and also the Senado Square. We got by all these places by just WALKING (beside Mazu Temple of course because that one is just too far. We took the bus instead)! I remembered how everyone almost died when we reached Guia Fort & Lighthouse. It surely looked near on the map but it's definitely not!

I had fun going around the street with my La Sardina loaded with Lomography ISO 400. I am pretty sure almost all Lomographers love walking. Only by walking one get to take close up shots and those amazing multiple exposures.

Mazu Temple

There were a lot of tourists at Mazu Temple. 

This was taken near the Mazu Temple

Senado Square and Guia Fort & Lighthouse

 Senado Square is where one will buy souvenirs especially from the famous Koi Kee.

Their main post office at Senado Square. I had the opportunity to buy first day cover stamp here.

One cannot help but love their mosaic street

MX at its best

 Busy busy street of Macau

Them, trying to figure out the way to ruins if St Paul

one of the MX that I am very proud of

Ruins of St Paul
After we were done at ruins of St Paul, we walked to Guia Fort & Lighthouse

On our way to Guia Fort, we passed by the old Protestant cemetery with a chapel. It is one of the most beautiful building I have ever seen. I am by no means a Christian but I love old churches. Especially old Roman churches. :)
It was just very serene and calm as I walked around

It took us quite awhile to locate Guia Fort. The view from up here is really beautiful. The place is quiet too.

 This is the first time I get to see a lighthouse up close and actually touched it. Bucket list crossed!