Saturday, March 12, 2016

I've Completed 12 Weeks of BBG & Here's What I've Learnt

I've officially completed 12 weeks of BBG 1.0 (Bikini Body Guide) by Kayla Itsines! There were so much feels, so many thoughts running through my mind as I finished my final circuit yesterday. 
I thought it'd be helpful for me to write it down here as a personal reflection.

1. Staying Committed At My Own Pace
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These 12 weeks thought me that it is alright to go on my own pace. You see, Kayla's work out comprises of 3 Resistance work out (Mon, Wed & Fri) and 2 LISS (Tue & Thu). Resistance is the HIIT work out which based on her file and LISS is basically a low intense work out which includes running or swimming. To be very honest, I've only managed to consistently do Resistance but not LISS. I ran at my own will so there will be times when I ran on a Tue or Sat or Sun. 

Sticking to only Mon, Wed and Fri was the "comfortable" commitment for me. However, it is also true how much you put out is parallel to your results. I'd like to say I put out only 50% but I decided to stay committed to it without slacking off which I think yields a more positive result. By positive result means for most of the time, I actually look forward to the work out instead of dreading it. 

2. Results
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Speaking of the outcome, I couldn't tell the difference physically but mentally, yes, I've been feeling great. I remember feeling "beaten" at Week 8 when I couldn't see any progress at all. Then I remembered why I started this in the first place; to become stronger and to feel good about myself. I also remembered asking myself what was I expecting (a bikini body in just 12 weeks?) when I only put out 50% of effort. 

This is where I learnt that results (i.e losing weight) should not be the primary goal to why you started work out. Everyone who went on this journey said the same thing and now, I am too. 

3. Eating Clean
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This one was a real tough one for me. I love my food very much. Worse, I am a huge fan of carbs. Breakfast with roti canai is a must for me on almost every weekend and this whole eating clean was also kind of the reason why I hesitated to start working out. Kind of ridiculous, isn't it? 

So I admit, I jumped right into this BBG thing without planning to eat clean. But my sister gave me a couple of tips: try to avoid processed food and do a 50-50 eating plan where 50% I get to eat dirty and the other half, I have to eat clean. Any home cooked food is automatically considered "eating clean" apparently. As I went on with my work out, I realised I gradually became more conscious with what I feed my body with. I listened to my body when it said "Oh, you've had too much carbs" or "Probably a warm water would do instead of soda" which is really great because I've never thought this would happened. It also help that I started to see the differences in my work out performance on the day I eat healthy and on the day I didn't. 

So moving on, I'd like to go another two rounds of BBG 1.0 before I start on the 2.0. I'd like to work on my forms and cut down the stops I took in between reps. This time, I'm also ready to do a full fledge week by including swimming and running. If I could not do a run in the morning, I'll bring my stuff so that I get to swim after work. I'm also looking into how I can eat more healthily while still indulging in the food I like once in awhile. 

So here's to stronger and healthy body and a happy me!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mission Perfect Beach Sandals

Believe it or not, the one thing that I’ve never given much thought when I packed for the beach was my footwear. I’ve always made sure I picked the right ‘pario’ and that my top matched my shorts but when it comes to shoes, it was always this good ol’ pair of slippers. 

Hey, don’t judge, kay?
Thing is, I’ll be heading to Port Dickson next week (company retreat, yeay!) and I really don’t want to wear my same boring slippers anymore so I found these really chic women sandals design which I think are quite awesome for beachwear. I've narrowed down to these three which I think are the most suitable ones for the beach. 

The t-straps look like a chic version of flip-flops but at the same time not over-the-top, which is definitely something, I’d consider. I love how it is an updated version of flip-flops with a feminine touch without looking shabby (cue: my slippers). The only small down side is that I’d have to fiddle around the straps when I want to take it off because I like to walk barefooted on the beach most of the time.

Which brings me to the slide sandals. The slide sandals appeal to me because it’s hassle-free and I can easily slip it on and off anytime I want especially when I’d like to brush off sands from my feet. I hate it when sands got into my sandals. Plus the cute bow tie is a bonus!

I’ve also been thinking of the beads sandals. There’ll be this night party where everyone will just chill at the bar and I’d really like to wear something slightly on the glamorous side and that will go with my beach dress. I like how it’s comfortable yet it has that elegant girlish touch.

 I think instead of getting one pair, I’d probably get two for a day and night look. Well, a girl can’t have too many pair of shoes (or sandals in this case) after all. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oh 2015, You Have Been Good to Me

Here we are again at that time of the year. One of my favourite days of the year where I look back and ponder, reflect, laugh and cry at my achievements and failures.

This year…there were a lot of changes and bold moves. I entered the year at my lowest confidence. Things went spiralling downhill in the first half of the year. Yep, things were not so great. Came end of April, I decided to quit my 4-year job without any plan B. That was quite a risk but I knew I had to do it and looking back now, it was the best decision ever. I learnt to take risks. I fall and I stood up again. 

I took up calligraphy class in June not knowing all the joy it will later brings me.

I went on an awesome journey with my Traveler’s Notebook and met great people in the community along the way.

My teenage dreams come true when I watched Backstreet Boys Live in KL.

I decided to challenge myself to a half marathon (21KM) run in the Penang Bridge International Marathon. I had not been the most consistent person to work out the entire year, there were some time in the year I slacked off a little. Which was why when I did my half marathon in just 3 hrs 22 mins, I knew I had it in me. Sometimes, I find myself surprising myself.

Moving forward, there are so many hopes and dreams in 2016. Already I am looking forward to my solo trip as well as many other exciting plans and I am positive that things are going to be great.

I hope you had a good year in 2015 and I hope the next one will be even better. I hope that you will find what you are looking for or that inner peace that you constantly seek.

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Do you have any succulent tips to share?

Any succulents lover/expert here?

Well, you see, I bought myself some succulents a week ago because I really like them. This is my second time buying it. The first time, when I bought two years go, my succulent died! And I had no idea why. All I knew was that I put it in my office and water it religiously (once a week). It probably died because there was no sunlight and I didn't buy any fertiliser. I was rather sad to bin it.

So this time, I decided to brave myself and get it again. The instructions were the same: expose it to a bit of sunlight, water once a week and put those fertilisers once every three months. I hope this time it will turn out alright because I would be really sad to see it die again.

If you have any tips for growing succulents, do share with me!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thinking of a Mini Getaway? Melaka Could Be Your Answer!

Melaka is always the convenient weekend getaway. I needed one badly and it was a coincidence that both Mr J and I were also looking to go somewhere since we were hitting the one year mark in our relationship. We decided on Melaka two weeks ago and went on that weekend itself.

As usual, our road trip always started with a trip to this dim sum place called Imperial at Damansara. I think it has become sort of like a tradition for the both of us.

We reached Melaka around 3pm and we went straight to Heeren street to look for our hotel. We booked a night in Heeren by The River Hotel through Agoda and it was RM170 for a standard room.

We nearly walked into the wrong place though. To our defence, all the nearby accommodations have the name Heeren to it. For the price, I thought the hotel was quite nice. It is very near Jonker street and the location is very convenient.

We were feeling hungry at that time and I thought of Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball from Chop Chung Wah but normally at that time, it would be closed already.

We were lucky that it was still opened at 4pm. I guess it was because of the non-peak season. We ordered half chicken (that is the minimum order in case you’re not sure) and add on the chicken rice balls. As usual, it was still as awesome as I remembered it.

Oh and if you are at Jonker Street, you can check out the Mamee House.

It's fun to see how Mamee was produced as the entire process was display in a miniature figurine of Mamee monster.
It was too early to walk at Jonker Street as the stalls were not ready yet, we decided to go chill at The Daily Fix cafe. It can be a little bit tricky trying to look for the cafe because it is situated at the back of a souvenir looking shop. This was what greeted us once we exited the back of the shop.

I was craving for coffee and have not had my coffee fix so I decided to order my usual favourite, flat white while Mr J opted for the Nutella banana milkshake.

Their flat white was good. The Nutella banana milkshake however had a very strong banana taste so for those of you who loves banana, this is perfect for you. We also ordered their onion rings which was good as well.

While we were walking around Jonker Walk, we also discovered this quirky wall art.

My guess is that it's sponsored by Kiehl's.

At night, I suggested we took a longer walk to Jalan Bunga Raya where the famous fried oyster omelette stall is. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it but if you want to know, the stall is in the Medan Boon Leong along Jalan Bunga Raya. 10 minutes walk from Jonker.

The next morning, after checked out, we head over to The Baboon House for their yummy home made burger.

I don’t have picture of The Baboon House because photography is not allowed however, you are allowed to take photo of your food. This place is definitely highly recommended in my list for Melaka and I am glad that Mr J enjoyed the burger as well.

Like every other road trips I had with Mr J, it was always filled with long interesting conversation. Looking forward to our next one wherever that might be!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Take on Inside Out

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I have wanted to talk about Inside Out ever since I watched the premiere show but I figured I should really wait it out for a while.

If you have not watched the movie, please try not to read on in case there are spoilers ahead. 

Don't say I didn't warn you! 

I really love the movie. It was creatively written and plotted. Inside Out showed audiences the five emotions that were supposed to be running through our mind; Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. 

Image Source
It tells a story about Riley who were growing up and mostly the emotions were Joy. Until of course, something happened when she moved away from Minnesota. I love how Sadness came into play in the movie. In my opinion, Sadness is equally important. While of course everyone will always say: "Cheer up!" Or "Think positive!" but I believe sometimes, in certain situation, sadness is vital. A little bit of grief may help a person move on from a situation.

Growing up, it was always Joy. You look at children and you think, " simple their life is. How little things in life could make them happy!" But you see, growing up is all about experiencing more; heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, etc.

Those were the combinations of Sadness, Fear, Disgust or Anger. And acknowledging, identifying and understanding all these emotions are what made the growing process. 

I could relate it back to myself. I am pretty much happy go lucky person and pretty positive I would say. During a certain period of time this year, it was rather emotional and stressful for me. There were times I felt guilty for feeling so, so I shoved those feelings down the carpet. I did not want to lose my friends just because I was, what people would refer to as, "being emo". 

Image Source
One day, the carpet couldn't contained everything anymore and I burst out. I took it out on Mr J and it rattled our relationship a bit. Which is why I guess, I feel the movie. I feel the relevance and how vital other emotions were in life.

I was glad to see it was not all sunshine and rainbow in the movie. But that is how it is in life, it isn't all sunshine and rainbow but sometimes with thunderstorms and hurricanes. 

So, well done Pixar! You did it again. The animation part apparently was superb as well but well, I ain't animation student so I could only talked about how I felt about the movie. 

Go watch it if you haven't! You'll love it! Smiling face with smiling eyes

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Restocking Stationery Supplies - My Source of Happiness

By now you would know of my stationery obsession particularly the washi tapes and journaling items  so it would not be much of a surprise to know that as soon as I got my first pay, I headed straight to Stickerrific at Jaya One to grab my hands on some of the washi tapes. 

Yes, this is the current display a Stickerrific store. Every washi tape lovers' dreams to own this.
My very main target was the Totoro washi tape but unfortunately, it sold out just a day after it was displayed! The disappointment! But that did not deter me from getting other washi tapes.

And a Totoro sticker too! I was super happy that I practically skipped home. Notice that sakura tape as well as the typewriter one? Ahh...happiness! The calligraphy ink I got from the calligraphy workshop I went was finishing so I decided to buy the Jherbin calligraphy ink. The Sakura micron pen is for my doodling activity. 

Which I am proud to say it was the best decision to get the Sakura micron pen. I initially owned the Artline drawing pen and the uni drawing pen but none came close as nice as the Sakura's. The ink and how the pen just glide smoothly on the paper. For only RM5.80, I thought it was a pretty good investment.

For calligraphy supplies, I have been checking out and there were a couple of nibs I was looking forward to own.
The PostmanKnock explained why Nikko G was the best nib for beginners and that was the final push for me to order the nibs. The straight cork holder was too pretty to resist. ;)

I have recently started to doodle and watercolour the food that I ate. I reckon it may help me practice my doodling and watercoloring skills and in time, probably I will get better and better.

This was the first one. 

The colour choices on the palette isn't so great and I have been thinking if I would like to own the better brands of water colour palette. But they are all so expensive and easily cost above RM100.

Oh well. We'll see how I am improving and will decide by then.

Have a happy weekend everyone!