Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stomping The Ground of Taman Negara

Before I completely forgotten about this one, I better start typing away. Hehe! This trip was organized by Terence and Ash and I joined in since, well, he asked us. And also, we have never been to Taman Negara.

Fun fact: Do you know the size of Taman Negara is 7 times the size of Singapore? Ya.....

Terence had all the details planned out and we just went ahead. I drove all of us to Jerantut. To get to Taman Negara, you would need to first, get to Jerantut. From Jerantut, you have a choice of taking the 3 hours boat ride from Kuala Tembeling Jetty into Taman Negara or you can also drive into the National Park. We took the boat ride because we thought it would be quite an experience. I parked my car at the jetty which cost us RM4 parking per day.

At the jetty, you will also find the Perhilitan office. Make your way there and apply for the entry permit to Taman Negara. It is only RM3 per person and if you are wondering why do we need to pay to enter, think about the conservation cost involved. If you bring along cameras, you will also need to apply for the permit and it is only RM5. Make sure you bring your permits along everywhere you go in Taman Negara. You will need to present the permit when you book a tour to anywhere in the national park.

The boat ride was at first exciting but after that could get a little boring. I ended up sketching and catching a short nap.

I think we were a little surprise to see the brown-ish water.

The boat is really narrow. It can only have two people sitting on one seat. My front view was blocked by these pile of backpacks.We departed at 2.30pm from Kuala Tembeling jetty.

After close to three hours, we finally reached Taman Negara. This was the sight that greeted me. Our jetty is also this floating restaurant.

We checked into the Yellow Guesthouse. I just realized I do not have any picture of the guesthouse but you can click here to find out more about it. Our room came with one queen bed and a single bed which can occupy three people and it was only RM90 per person for all three nights. The room is clean, there is a shower room/toilet attached (not sharing) and it is spacious so definitely worth the money.

This is the view that greeted me every morning when I stepped out of the balcony of my room
When it comes to food though, there isn't really much choices especially when you chose to eat at the floating restaurant like we did in our first morning there.
This cost me RM8 - 4 slices of bread toast, jam, scrambled egg and coffee
Our plan on the second day was to go for the canopy walk. To get there, we will need to "cross" the river that divided our place and Taman Negara. For your information, almost all the budget accommodations are located across the river opposite of Taman Negara. If I am not mistaken, only Mutiara Resort is located at the Taman Negara side.
You can cross the river by approaching any of the floating restaurants that provide the service (most of them do!) and it is only RM1 per way.

These two are definitely the right bunch to bring along to Taman Negara. Hehe!
You will need to do a little bit of walking (I would not call it hiking as there are platforms built) before getting to the canopy. If you are unsure, check with the Perhilitan office at Mutiara Resort before setting off.

It's a relaxing walk and it will only take about 30 minutes but we took longer since we were busy snapping pictures.
The walk is pretty interesting. You get to see plants which you hardly seen before but we do not really know what are those plants.
Dare to be different! Heh!

It's a beautiful walk and the air...the air is just so fresh that I do not want to return to KL. Sigh.

Someone called this the poison berries but actually, we do not know it is poisonous or not.

You will also spot extremely huge chunk of trees and their roots and it's magnificent! And then yes, of course, you have to take pictures.

Spotted this spider spinning its web here and I just could not resist. Took this picture and I'm proud of my iPhone. LOL!

They said no pictures on the hanging bridge so we had to take one before our walk.

Not for the faint hearted I think.

Here's Ash doing her walk
There are a few canopy walk to be completed and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes

We finished our entire journey around 1pm and we were a little exhausted. So we decided to head back to our guesthouse to have lunch and take a nap. We booked a night walk tour the day before and it will be on the same night so we thought it would be wiser to just chill before the night walk.

I did not manage to take any picture from the night walk because it was dark but I can roughly describe it here. It cost us RM30 to RM45 (sorry, I could not remember) and there will be a guide to follow you on the tour. He showed us the insects. We spotted weird stick bugs, bird eating spider (tarantula-like), centipede, scorpion, gecko and many more. Then we were brought to this watch tower to wait for the animals to come to the clearing at night. We were not in luck as there were no animals gathering at the clearing that night.
However, on our way back, we saw a tapir resting in front of one of the chalets of Mutiara Resort.
A. Freaking. Tapir.
It was too dark so I did not take any pictures but the feeling was awesome.

We decided to book a tour to Lata Berkoh for the next day. To get there, you will need to hire a boat and it's RM180 per boat and only a maximum 4 is allowed on the boat. We decided to sleep in a little bit the next morning and arranged for the boat to meet us at 11am.
I greatly enjoyed the boat ride to Lata Berkoh. It was very scenic and the fresh air is what I missed terribly when I got back to the city.

The boatman dropped at this point where the boat can no longer go any further. So we will need to hike into Lata Berkoh. The hike is about 20 minutes long and it is not difficult at all. You know you are there when you see this sign.

We did not hike further up but I think that is where the waterfall is.

If you decided to come to Lata Berkoh, make sure you bring along some food or snacks. We brought along rice pack for lunch and beer and just chilled an hour sitting in the water. It is definitely a good place to relax and swim.

The moon on our last night at Taman Negara was super bright. It was a full moon and it was Mid-Autumn festival.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

30 days and many more

I am glad to have met you, be friends and later, fall in love with you. Thank you for all the happy times (all those laughter and dramatic moments) and standing by me through sad times.
I am grateful. :)

And if there is anyone else still reading this blog, patience! I have Taman Negara entry coming up. Hehe!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cafe.Waiting.Love 等一個人咖啡

Note: Spoiler ahead and may spoil the movie for you :P

I highly anticipated this movie since the beginning of the year and last night, I finally watched it. Ever since the record breaking of Giddens Ko's debut movie three years ago, You Are The Apple Of My Eye (which is a favourite of mine) was released, he is now back with another movie with the title Cafe.Waiting.Love 等一個人咖啡

I thought the translation of the title is a little weird but come to think of it, it is rather impossible to do a direct translation for this title.

It is a romantic comedy based on Giddens Ko's novel with the same title. It is funny and has its own appeal but lack of something compared to his previous movie. Still, it is worth the watch. 

The film begins with Siying (Vivian Sung), a loud and outspoken girl who fall in love with Zeyu (Marcus Chang) who happen to rescue her from almost being hit by the bus. She then follows Zeyu to the cafe called Cafe.Waiting.Love 
where tomboy barista, Abusi (Megan Lai) is working. 
She is hired by the cafe's boss (Vivian Chow) by mistake while standing up to A-Tuo (Bruce), her college mate from being bullied by his friend. A-Tuo is weird, silly, funny and has interesting circle of friends and is working various part time jobs to save up for his travel.  The two become good friends ever since then. 
She admires and is attracted to Zeyu until she confesses her love to him.
And...I shall stop here. Watch the movie to find out what happen in the end. For those of you who do not understand Mandarin, there is English subtitle in the movie. 

Overall, the movie is good. Giddens Ko has done it again and the movie is beautifully filmed. On whether it's a good movie based on the book, I would not be able to tell since I did not and could not read the book. I would give it a 8/10. 
Here's a trailer for you to get a preview of the movie:

*Pictures taken from various sources from Google.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I want to travel the world. To fly again to some foreign land. To walk on those unfamiliar grounds. To immerse myself in the local cultures. I want to stroll down the pristine beach of Lombok, hiking through the volcanic mountain, walking among the locals in Vietnam and stare at the vast beauty of Halong Bay.
I also have plans to explore the land down under. Take a gap year off. Work in the cherry farm, running through the vineyard and selling fresh fruits. Work a couple of months as a barista making fresh coffee for the locals. I plan to do all these alone. Because alone is what I have now. 
What happen if you are no longer 'alone' next year?
Oh well, who knows what happen next year and who cares. Right now, I just want to live in the moment. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How do you pick yourself up?

It has been a rather demotivating phase for me the past couple of days. I wasn't much of my bubbly self and I sort of withdraw from the usual crowd I hang out or have coffee with. I know what is wrong and I finally got down to tackling the matter. Normally I would try not to let negativity get on to me for too long. With the recent news of Robin Williams' death and him battling depression, I kept thinking how easy it is for people to slip into negativity and not knowing what to do or see the way out. It is so easy to stay in the darkness but not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and at times, this just leads to worse outcome. So what are the stuffs that I do to pick myself up?

I go to Pinterest and hit the board with inspirational words. When you see words like this...
it's impossible to still feel that bad. And Pinterest is so easy because it's a mobile app and I have a special board for all these sort of words.

I write. Oh I write my heart out. In a private journal or in an anonymous account online. I pour my thoughts and heart out unfiltered. And I let it be. I come back to it after a few days just to reread what I have written and it would all sound very, very silly. It provides me the channel when I need to vent and it also helps me to reflect and think afterwards.

I listen to music. I have to. I listen to catchy tunes to sad tunes and to zen tunes. I listen to them all until I feel better. For this, I recommend Spotify with endless range of musics and songs.

Sometimes when I need the time out and alone, I go and sit at my favourite cafes and doodle/draw/sketch on my Midori Traveler's Notebook while having my favourite cup of coffee. Then I spend another hour reading.
I find myself being able to block my thoughts out when I sketch and it seems like an awesome idea even though I can't really draw actually. 

I used to and now sometimes I still do worry about what people say or what people think but then time and time again I will tell myself, really, I cannot be responsible for how people think or feel all the time or I would go mad.

Nowadays, there are so many useful and positive articles out there and I think that really helps as well. So yeah, what do you do when you feel down?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mikey's New York Pizza

I have heard of this place but this one was an unplanned visit. J and I wanted to go to Fat Spoon but I forgot that they close on Mondays. Oh well. So I had to come up with a place and thought of Mikey's instantly. 
I have always been fascinated with anything New York so you can tell why am I attracted to Mikey's.

And if you want a place for casual hang out with your friends or even a not too formal date, then yes, pick this place. It's not too formal. I like the environment.

I ordered the Classic New York Pizza (RM8.88) and shared it with J. I think it is a standard New York slice of pizza size because it is really huge. I split this with J because we wanted side orders as well.

We upgraded this to a set that comes with the buffalo boneless chicken wing.
This is just as good. Love the ranch dressing but the chicken can be a bit too oily for certain people.

This is the Manhattan waffle fries and it's really good as well. It comes with cheese and beef gravy at the side.
After the very much satisfying meal, J and I decided to cross over to the opposite Coffee Coffea and my usual order; Flat White with Maestro beans. 

It is not easy to meet someone you can talk to for hours and you don't meet this kind of person every day. But when you do find this sort of person, appreciate them because this is what I felt with J. She was my previous senior and today a very good friend. She inspired me in many ways especially through her bubbly and positive personality. She taught me a lot in these few months that we know each other. We can actually talk endlessly and that day, we talked from 4pm to 12am. 

Till then! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Flying Back to Second Home

I think this must have been one of the trip that I looked forward to very, very much. Simply because I always look forward to flying back to KK, Sabah which is now my second home and also I know this time I will be able to see all of my Marine Family once again.

I made it just in time to KLIA2, Ken dropped me and I ran into the departure hall. I barely had time to say goodbye to him at all. KLIA2 is a huge transformation from the old LCCT. The airport reminds me of our good ol' KLIA but newer with more restaurants and retail.

After nervously passing the immigration check (I am always nervous when I have to walk through the immigration check and I have no idea why!) and checking into the departure hall, I sat down at Starbucks and got myself a cup of coffee while waiting for my flight.

What I packed with me this time? My La Sardina, Midori Traveler's Notebook, a book on Lost in Putrajaya (given by a friend yay!), my red backpack and that pink luggage. Heh!

I got lucky this time because I got the window seat!
Hence, the beautiful pictures...

A friend of mine from University back then picked me up from the airport and we went to lunch with my 4th sister from the Marine Family.

It was this noodle with tomato based soup and fried fish. It was one YUMMEH bowl of noodles!

Can you tell that this picture was taken using a monopod? Hehe!

Then Sherwynne and her boyfie accompanied me to Kudat. Oh, good old Kudat. I have always missed the place and I could never get enough of it even though I have been here several times.

It was nearing the sunset time but we didn't really stay back for the sunset. It would be too dark to drive back to KK if we were to stay back for the sunset though.

The wind was extremely strong. That explains the state of our hair.

We drove back to KK to meet up with the rest for a delicious bowl of "sheng rou mien". It's rather popular and you can find the shop at Lintas.

We booked two apartment at KK Marina Court through and it was very convenient and hassle free! The price is really reasonable too! marine family and their antics.